Simple Real Estate Solutions wants to Buy Your House! As Virginia Beach home buyers we provide many people with the best options in selling their homes. Contact us today to be on your way to fulfilling your financial need to sell your home. Your personal situation or condition of your home is not an issue with us.

Below are some examples of properties we purchased.

3056 John Hancock, Virginia Beach ,VA 23452

House - 3056 John Hancock, Virginia Beach ,VA 23452
Before we bought the home

Ready to sell house
After renovating and ready to sell

Problem: House was in bad shape, in foreclosure and the seller was looking for a home buyer to make a quick sale. This seller needed to sell fast to avoid foreclosure and needed the cash fast to move into a rental property. The house was ugly and literally eaten with termites. One wall and had to be reframed.

Solution: The seller searched the internet for “We Buy Houses Virginia Beach” and found our website. After filling out the form he had a cash offer the same day.

829 Buckingham, Virginia Beach ,VA 23452

Virginia Beach townhouse
Before the sale

After the sale
After the sale

Problem: The seller was a landlord and this Virginia Beach house was trashed by the tenant and many years of maintenance not being done.  The seller needed a home buyer for a cash sale, as-is, and a fast sale.

Solution: This seller also found us online searching for “how to sell my ugly house” and “homevestors companies”. The seller chose our firm because we provided the best cash offer and showed up on time which seemed to be a problem for the other Cash Home Buyers. We closed quickly and the seller was relieved of his landlord problems.

429 Canterbury, Virginia Beach ,VA 23452

House in Virginia Beach

After picture of house

Problem: This house had been a rental property for decades and the seller wanted and needed a hassle free, as-is home buyer to make a fair offer so she could move on with her life. The house was in pretty bad shape due to decades of being a rental property.

Solution: The homeowner called us, received a cash offer over the phone & had her money within a week.

4612 Georgetown Pl, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

4612 Georgetown Pl, Virginia Beach
Before the sale

after we fixed it up
After we fixed it up

Problem: This house was in good shape, but the sellers needed a guaranteed home sale from a home buyer because they had already purchased another house and would lose that house if their house did not sell fast and close fast.  They truly needed fast cash for their house, else they would lose their dream house.

Solution: After searching “we buy houses” on the internet, they found our site and we were able to meet their needs.

426 Barcelona Lane, Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Virginia Beach Property
Before the sale

After the sale
After we fixed it up

Problem: This seller needed a home buyer who could buy quickly because he was facing legal issues and needed the cash quickly to arrange his life as best as possible. 

Solution: We bought his house and he had the cash he needed to meet his goals.

1157 Eagle Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456

After the house was remodeled

Problem: This was a foreclosure situation requiring a home buyer who could do a 2 day closing or else the house would be lost to foreclosure.

Solution: She found us by searching the internet for “we buy houses” we successfully made a quick sale and she received the fast cash needed to move on with her life.

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