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Below are some examples of some Norfolk properties we purchased.

1901 S Lakeland Dr, Norfolk, VA 23518

1901 S Lakeland Dr, Norfolk, VA
Before it was purchased and updated

After the sale
After fixing the house up

Problem: The home was lived in for many decades and never updated, it was in pretty bad shape and the seller needed a quick sale from a home buyer who would give a fair offer and buy “as-is“.

Solution: The homeowner searched for “we buy houses norfolk, VA” clicked on our site, got a fair offer and sold us their house. It was that easy!

530 Hyde Park, Norfolk, VA 23503

530 Hyde Park, Norfolk, VA 23503
Before we closed

After the house was updated

Problem: This was a inherited house and the seller was in town and needed a home buyer to buy and close in a matter of days.

Solution: He called us and got a cash offer over the phone, we met his deadline to close fast and he was able to leave Norfolk with all of his business wrapped up.

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