We Buy Houses in Norfolk, VA Using Nothing but Cash

Is your real estate agent giving you the runaround? Are they taking too long to attract a buyer for your home? What if you could avoid this process altogether and still receive the fair price that you are looking for? Simple Real Estate Solutions, Inc. offers exactly this. We have transformed the method of selling your home by providing homeowners with fair cash offers within 24 hours of contact. We are professional homebuyers, and we buy houses across Norfolk, Virginia, so if you are looking to sell, read on!

I Need to Sell My House in Norfolk Quickly!

Whether you have found yourself in a difficult financial situation, are going through a divorce and need to split marital assets, have inherited a home that you cannot afford to maintain or simply need to move quickly, then our home buying process is the perfect solution. Once you decide to sell, let us know about your home, and we will make you a fair, written offer for cash. We do not rely on banks, which means you can close at any time that works for you. We are here to make your life easier and to relieve the burden from your shoulders.

Below are some examples of some Norfolk properties we purchased.

1901 S Lakeland Dr, Norfolk, VA 23518

Before it was purchased and updated

After fixing the house up

Problem: The home was lived in for many decades and never updated, it was in pretty bad shape and the seller needed a quick sale from a home buyer who would give a fair offer and buy “as-is“.

Solution: The homeowner searched for “we buy houses norfolk, VA” clicked on our site, got a fair offer and sold us their house. It was that easy!

530 Hyde Park, Norfolk, VA 23503

Before we closed

After the house was updated

Problem: This was a inherited house and the seller was in town and needed a home buyer to buy and close in a matter of days.

Solution: He called us and got a cash offer over the phone, we met his deadline to close fast and he was able to leave Norfolk with all of his business wrapped up.

We Buy Houses in Norfolk in Any Condition

If your home is not suitable for a traditional sale due to damage caused by tenants, vandalism, or extreme events such as fires or flooding, then let us make an offer for your home. We buy houses in any condition and perform all repairs after closing. You can free yourself from the burden of your home and walk away with cash. We charge no fees or commissions for our service; we simply want to help Norfolk, VA homeowners sell their homes fast. To find out more about our process or to submit your property information to get your offer, call our team at (757) 304-8456.

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